Run LUTCalc

LUTCalc is currently available in two versions: as an online Web App, and as a Mac OSX App.

LUTCalc Online – free and run from this website. As a web app this runs in the web browser. Works with Chrome, Firefox and recent versions of IE. Safari limits the ability to save files with Javascript as a security feature, so generated LUTs appear in a new tab and then need to be saved from there. The App Store version is a much better experience for Safari users. 

LUTCalc For Mac – available from the Mac App Store. Runs like a native Mac App and has the advantages of quick starting from disk without needing an internet connection, flexible file saving and the ability to load 16-bit TIFFs and PNGs as preview images (the online version is limited to 8-bit images).

Instructions and information about all the options in LUTCalc can be found when running the app by clicking ‘Instructions’ on the right hand side of the main window.

Alongside the time spent in developing LUTCalc, there are ongoing costs involved in developing for the Mac App Store. As such there is a small charge for this version.

The sourcecode for LUTCalc is open and available from GitHub here: LUTCalc Project Page.

The offline version offers significant conveniences and I’ve kept the cost less than a coffee. If you find the online version useful, I’d really appreciate anyone buying an App Store version!

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